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All-season or summer tires in the summer

All-season or summer tires in the summer

During the summer, it is recommended to use summer tires. Summer tires are specifically designed to perform well in hot temperatures and warm conditions. They offer better wear resistance on hot asphalt and improved traction on dry roads. Additionally, summer tires have specialized tread patterns and rubber compounds that provide optimal performance in high temperatures, reducing the risk of hydroplaning during light summer rains.

All-season tires are a compromise solution intended to be used throughout the year in various climate conditions. They offer acceptable performance in both summer and winter conditions. However, all-season tires are not specialized for any specific season, and they cannot provide the same level of grip and handling that dedicated summer tires offer during the summer.

If you live in an area with consistently warm weather and do not expect severe winter conditions, the best choice for summer driving would be summer tires. They will provide you with the best grip and road performance during the hot summer months.

Driving with summer tires during the summer period is recommended for several reasons:

1.            Optimal Performance in Warm Weather: Summer tires are designed with a specific rubber compound and tread pattern that perform best in hot temperatures. They maintain their flexibility in warm conditions, providing excellent grip and traction on dry roads, which contributes to better handling and shorter braking distances.

2.            Reduced Risk of Hydroplaning: Summer tires have specialized tread patterns that can effectively disperse water on wet roads, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. This is particularly important during summer showers or light rains.

3.            Better Cornering Stability: The construction of summer tires allows for better cornering stability, which means you can navigate turns more confidently and safely.

4.            Improved Fuel Efficiency: Due to their design and lower rolling resistance, summer tires can offer improved fuel efficiency compared to all-season or winter tires. This can lead to cost savings over time.

5.            Longer Lifespan: When used in their appropriate season, summer tires tend to last longer as they are not subjected to the harsh conditions of winter driving, such as snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.

6.            Enhanced Performance on Hot Surfaces: Summer tires are less prone to softening or wearing out quickly when driving on hot asphalt, which is common during the summer months.

All-season or summer tires in the summer

However, it's important to note that summer tires are not suitable for winter conditions, especially in regions with snow and icy roads. When temperatures drop below freezing, summer tires can lose their flexibility, resulting in reduced traction, and compromised safety. In such cases, it's crucial to switch to winter tires for optimal performance during cold weather. Always consider the climate and driving conditions in your area to make the appropriate tire choice for each season.

As the largest importer of tires in the country, we can offer you a wide range of brands and models of summer, all-season and winter tires.

Some of the popular brands and models of summer tires you'll find on our pages include:

Michelin: Pilot Sport 4, Primacy 4, ENERGY SAVER+ GRNX, Pilot Sport 5;

Continental: PremiumContact 6, EcoContact 6, UltraContact;

Bridgestone: Potenza S001, Turanza T 005, POTENZA SPORT;


Kumho: SOLUS KH17, Ecowing ES31, ECSTA HS52 and others.

These are just a small part of the models and brands of summer tires that we offer and which are in demand for their high quality and excellent performance on dry and wet roads.

Among the well-known brands and models of all-season tires that we can offer from Gumi Diana are:

Michelin: CrossClimate+, CrossClimate 2;

Goodyear: Vector 4Seasons Gen - 3;

Continental: AllSeasonContact;

Pirelli: Cinturato All Season;

BRIDGESTONE: Weather Control A005 EVO DriveGuard and many more.

These tires stand out for their versatility and are designed to handle different road conditions throughout the year.

All-season or summer tires in the summer
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