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Tire MITAS NB60 TL 6.5/0 R 6.50-20 10PR

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Producer MITAS
Model NB60 TL
Vehicle category Trucks
Speed index P (up to 150 km/h)
Position предна
Приложение регионален транспорт

Detailed information

We present all season tires MITAS, model NB60 TL 6.50-20 10PR with dimensions 6.5/0 R. These tires are manufactured by MITAS and are designed for trucks, with loading index (load to kg) and speed index P (to drive with 150 km/h)


all season tires MITAS NB60 TL ❄️ ☀️ 6.5/0R 6.50-20 10PR MITAS for trucks ➤ Fast secure delivery 🎁 We provide a guarantee

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