CONTINENTAL ContiEcoContact 5 185/70 R14 88T

Availabe: 10+
Size 185/70 R14
Model ContiEcoContact 5
Season Summer tires
Vehicle category Passanger cars
Load index 88 (up to 560 kg)
Speed index T (up to 190 km/h)
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Detailed information

We present summer tires CONTINENTAL, model ContiEcoContact 5 with dimensions 185/70 R14. These tires are manufactured by CONTINENTAL and are designed for passanger cars, with loading index 88 (load to 560 kg) and speed index T (to drive with 190 km/h)

ContiEcoContact™ 5

For the sake of safety and the environment.  
  1. Optimised rolling resistance for reduced fuel consumption
  2. High braking safety and short braking distances on wet roads
  3. Best handling on wet and dry roads

Optimised rolling resistance for reduced fuel consumption.
  • This state-of-the-art tire is perfect for motorists who drive long distances, as well as drivers who are concerned with fuel consumption and the environment.

Exceptional safety and short braking distances on wet roads.
  • The design of the tire improves grip in the wet, giving you safety when braking.

Wet grip:
Secure grip in wet conditions is crucial for safe driving. Performance is graded into classes, A to G (although D and G are not currently used). The stopping distance between a class A tire and a class F tire can be as much as 18 metres.

Fuel efficiency:
Reduced rolling resistance saves fuel and cuts CO2 emissions. Class A tires deliver the best fuel efficiency, with each subsequent class through to G increasing fuel consumption by between 0.42 and 0.56 mpg for a car which does 36 mpg.

Rolling noise:
This is the external noise made by the tire and is measured in decibels. The more filled bars shown on the label, the louder the tires.

70 dB

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